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That’s why your partners at Smart-Apply are available to you 24/7/365.

Three Ways to Get Help When You Need It:

1. Contact us. Give us a call (click to call) or submit this form. Our tech support team is standing by, ready to help you troubleshoot and diagnose any issues you might have. 

2. Send a request through the app. Your issues can be diagnosed and often also corrected via the app and you’ll be back to spraying. 

3. Use our resources. Check out the FAQs and helpful videos below or download our operator’s guide. 






If, at any time, you want to override the Smart-Apply system and go back to conventional spraying, it’s as simple as a flip of a switch. On your controller, press the red bypass switch on the left. The green light on the right will change to red, indicating you have turned off the Smart-Apply system and reverted to conventional spraying. Your sprayer will work just like it always has, until you turn the Smart-Apply system back on.   

  • What PSI is recommended for the BA Smart Sprayer?
    We recommend 100 PSI.
  • Can I turn the BA Smart Sprayer system off and use my conventional sprayer?
    Absolutely. You’ll find an override switch directly next to the controller.
  • What does the BA Smart Sprayer include?
    The BA Smart Sprayer comes with everything you’ll need to get up and running, including: 1. Samsung Android tablet and charging cord 2. Unlock codes for the Android app 3. Universal mounting kit and a sun shade 4. Solenoids for your existing spray nozzles (to allow individual control of each nozzle.) 5. Electronic control units 6. Override switch and LED indicator 7. NovAtel GPS antenna 8. Wiring harness
  • How do I know if the BA Smart Sprayer is working?
    You’ll have several indicators that the system is working. 1. From your seat, you’ll be able to see a green flashing LED light next to the controllers. 2. Your Android tablet will show your operating status. 3. You’ll be able to observe the pulsing of the solenoid nozzles.
  • Why is the BA Smart Sprayer better than other large sprayer precision ag systems like Capstan AG or Raven Hawkeye?
    Like these other systems, the BA Smart Sprayer adjusts the flow rate to travel speed. However, our exclusive LiDar laser scanning determines exactly how much spray to apply and where to apply it, controlling each nozzle independently.
  • Does the BA Smart Sprayer work on all sprayers?
    Yes. The BA Smart Sprayer is compatible with any brand or model of air blast side sprayer. It includes a universal mounting bracket that should allow easy mounting to your brand and model of sprayer.
  • Is there a minimum tank size required?
    There is not! The BA Smart Sprayer is compatible with any size tank.
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